VoIP services for business and call centers

Hospedom have partnered with Switch2Voip one of the major players in the Voip industry that provides low cost VoIP for call centers, small and large business using PBX or Dialers to make calls.
Call Centers making and receiving a large number of calls, using a predictive dialer or receiving calls in their Toll Free Numbers can benefit of the low cost that we provide.

Other services and solutions for call centers and business:

    * Free USA virtual phone number on every account.
    * Free Hosted Auto Dialer for up to 20 agents. Ask us about it.
    * International DID's or virtual phone numbers.
    * A-Z VoIP termination.
    * Bulk SMS Messaging.
    * United Staes and United Kingdom toll free numbers at $4 per month.

Signup for a VoIP account get a Free USA virtual phone number and start saving money on your calls, the price to USA and UK is just 0.008 per minute and 0.0045 to Canada.

We just don’t provide excellent quality and low prices, our technical support team will help you solve your issues 24/7. Contact us to get clarity about all our VoIP services.
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Compatible with all Asterisk based Predictive Dialers and PBX's
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